Supermarket and grocery shopping can be a time consuming chore on its own, so forget about reading labels and packages right?  At Zero Bites, we pride ourselves on creating a product with real wholefood ingredients, so how do you know whether packaged snacks are nourishing?

We have broken down packaging mumbo jumbo so you can quickly spot the best quality foods and ingredients for you and your family.


NUMBERS - if you see numbers in the ingredient list RUN AND PUT IT BACK!! This is code for food additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and codes for other nasty stuff - as we say, “Numbers are not food”.

MUMBO JUMBO - if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, chances are it’s better off in a science lab and not in the food you’ll be putting into your body. Not sure, do a quick google search to check (thanks Siri). 

PALM SUGAR/OIL - Anything with palm sugar/palm oil is not a sustainable product. Sourcing these ingredients is not achieved on ethical terms. Product sustainability and ethical considerations are super important to all of us and we do not endorse products with these ingredients.  

Remember, if it’s not ingredients you can source from the grocers, grow yourself or pronounce it’s not the best quality sustainable ingredients. Your body will THRIVE ON REAL FOODS - simple foods are always the best foods.


 Be careful of what foods you may think are helpful and hurtful

  • “Natural”- Don’t be fooled by this word. Many companies will use this word as a marketing strategy, when in fact the ingredients are anything but natural. Follow the above steps to ensure the foods and ingredients you are buying really are natural.

  • “Low-Fat”- Be careful, just because something is low fat doesn’t make it healthier. Often these products are loaded with sugar and other nasty’s to compensate for the lack of fat.

  • “Organic”- We are suckers for organic as this means the ingredients and food has been sustainably produced and no synthetic sprays have been used on these ingredients. Go for organic where possible!

  • “Healthy”- Often brands will slip this word onto their packaging to draw consumers in however these health claims must be verified on the package!

  • “Prebiotic/Probiotics”- Gut health has become such a huge health concern in recent years. Look for natural pre and probiotics. This helps keep immunity in tact and managing inflammation but feeding the good gut bacteria.

Is the nutritional panel just an overwhelming bunch of numbers that you have no idea how to navigate, we have broken it down so you decide what you want to put into your body and pay attention to recommended serving sizes so you know the nutritional value per serving.

It is essential to know what you are fuelling your body with and have provided a quick guide to download and keep handy to know your child’s nutritional needs (source: Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing 2005 Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand). 

·       CARBOHYDRATE – the body’s preferred source of energy and required for muscle and nerve functioning

·       FAT – support cell growth, provides protection for organs

·       PROTEIN – for growth and development of muscles and cells

·       CALCIUM – essential for building bones and keeping them healthy

·       POTASSIUM – important for normal cell functioning

·       IRON – helps transport oxygen around the body and with production of energy and optimising immunity

·       ENERGY – important to fuel daily activities 

·       FIBRE – aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system

·       VITAMIN D – for bone growth and to promote the absorption of calcium in the gut.

Recommendations based on daily requirements

Recommendations based on daily requirements

Head over to to find out more about the nutritional requirements for your family. We are all different and all have different needs! The table is a great way of tracking this.

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See you in the next blog! 

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