Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Zero Bites Community. We are beyond excited to have moved further than just products and to have created a space for sharing our experiences with children and allergies, navigating the world of nutrition and tips on creating a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. 


It seemed fitting to start our blog series with an introduction to us, the Zero Bites Creators. We are a close-knit family of five, 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. Family time is our favourite time and we bond over cooking wholesome foods, beach walks and down time with a movie. Alongside being parents and running our passion project of Zero Bites, we both work full time jobs, life can be hectic and our down time with family is treasured.

 Zero Bites became a project of ours after our youngest child was diagnosed with food allergies at just 10 months of age. The complexity of nutrition went to a whole new level. Our daughter reacted poorly to most foods we gave her. We were trying different diets with no success.

After an anaphylactic attack, we stripped the pantry and rid the household of food products containing artificial ingredients. I became aware of just how prevalent poor ingredient lists were in convenient snacking options. This includes snack with a million unpronounceable ingredients and numbers (why would we eat numbers!?)

Voila! 4 years ago Zero Bites was born. An organic, vegan, kosher certified and whole-food product created in light of our philosophies on sustainability and ethics. We were helping not only ourselves, but also many other families like our own. 


We have learnt the importance of fuelling our lives with nutritional knowledge to ensure we are making the best choices possible for our families and ourselves. We are always in a state of learning.

Our daughter’s sustainability passion navigated our removal of common household items that were ultimately damaging the environment. Over the years our home has undergone reprogramming and re-educating, which I can assure you doesn’t happen overnight, persistence is key to any successful change.

Below are some lifestyle changes we have made over the years, which can be a starting point for anyone wanting to make small changes:
>Minimise process food choices – if you can’t read the ingredients or there’s numbers, pop it back.
>Opt for organic fruits and vegetables –
where possible.
>Cook from scratch-
you’ll notice the flavour difference, you know the ingredients and nothing tastes better than a meal made with love.
>Don’t throw out food-
try and make enough to avoid leftovers or ensure that leftovers are being utilised. You can mix and match leftovers to make a new meal. Freezing leftovers is also an option with added convenience.
>Minimise take-out –
not only an added expense, but also you can’t be certain of the surfaces and other food that that meal may have been in contact with before your plate.
>Utilise bulk food stores –
just buy what you need each time. Bring your own bags and jars to be savvy and sustainable!


A dash of love goes into every batch of Zero Bites. This love has led us to creating a product that we hope can be enjoyed by all, not matter what the dietary requirements. Your family can all enjoy them in their own way. On top of yoghurt, transformed into a sweet treat or an all time fave of our – straight from the pack!

Zero Bites has a big future in our eyes as we are currently increasing production capabilities as well as ensuring the product keeps in line with our values on whole food and sustainable products.

We cannot wait for you to try our product and to become a staple in your pantry.

See you in the next blog!

The Zero Bites Family x